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Genius Kid Painter Hoax Video Revealed! | Amazing Toddler Artist Finger-Painting

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Genius Kid Painter Hoax Video Revealed! | Amazing Toddler Artist Finger-Painting

This kid isn’t much older than three years old and he already paints like Picasso. Though, I’m sure, the thought of age wasn’t on his mind when he painted the detailed works of art his father shows us. Oh yeah, did I mention he does it with his fingers?

His past paintings include a space shuttle, a pumpkin, and a yellow dog. All of which contain proper shading and lightning. His latest work (shown in the above video) is a portrait of a Ninja Turtle and even better than his previous paintings.

But wait… there’s something fishy about this clip.

After playing it a second time, I noticed that the video was not filmed in a continuous shot. Sure, there are other sped-up videos online that show people painting, but those are all done in one shot. Also, there isn’t a single scene of the toddler that shows him articulating his finger or arm positions; something all artists need to do, “genius” or not.

At one point he even mixes colors, yet somehow manages to continue painting with a pure shade of blue. One last giveaway was the fridge at the end. Any real parent would have that thing plastered with those paintings.

If you’re still convinced this kid is a genius, then don’t take my word for it. Visit the site displayed at the end of the movie.

Sure enough, it’s a site brought to you by the Playmates toy company telling you where to buy Ninja Turtle toys. Those tricky bastards.

And here we have an unofficial video response to the ‘Turtle Kid’ video. It’s a spoof titled “3 Yr Old Genius Plant”.

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