Any videos and TV channels to do with cycling, mountain biking and stunt bking.

Cycling & Biking Vids

First Person Bike Trail Video | Awesome Perspective Of A Through The Forest Course

This video is mind blowing, partly because it shows a forest course being ridden from the first person perspective, and partly...
Dave Parrack
26 sec read

Accidental Mountain Bike Trick Video | Amazing Racing Bike Drives Itself on Autopilot

Racing on mountain bikes requires a delicate balance of leg strength and stamina. At this particular race, one cyclist was feeling...
Iman Peera
29 sec read

Crazy Cyclists Video | 40 Bikes Create Annoying Road Block & Stop Traffic

Road blocks are annoying, but this is something else entirely. A group of at least 40 cyclists take over a roundabout...
Iman Peera
32 sec read

World Record Bike Run Video | 130.7 MPH on a Bicycle in the Snow!

I’ve never been much of a bike rider myself, but bicycle racing has always amazed me. There’s just something about people...
Kristy Pruitt
26 sec read

Julien Dupont Motorbike Stunt Video | Bike Phenomenon Displays His Skills In France

Motorbikes are dangerous things at the best of times. How many occasions have there been where you’ve heard about people falling...
Dave Parrack
40 sec read | Mounting Biking Internet TV Channel, based in Scotland, is a new internet television channel dedicated to the sport and lovers of mountain biking. The goal...
Katrina Robinson
29 sec read

5 Funny Tour De France Videos | Bruises, Bumps and Blood Galore

You know, I have never understood why they allow people to stand so close to the bikers on route for the...
Julie Popp
1 min read

Humiliation Vid – Cocky Cyclist Eats Pavement

No matter how bad your day has been it’s not likely that you’ve got it worse than the poor sap in...
Michael van Cleave
37 sec read

Across the Country on a Scooter Vid | Getting There Slowly but Surely

Wouldn’t it be cool to ride across the country on two wheels, with the wind in your hair and nothing but...
Kristy Pruitt
24 sec read

Funny Tricycle Accidents | Little Kids Crashing

Laughing at this video is undeniably sadistic, but I challenge you not to. There is something undeniably hilarious about kids falling...
Brendan Van Voris
25 sec read

Bike Stunt Video | Insane Stunt Cyclist Shows Off Balancing Skills

So you thought you had good balance huh? Maybe you do martial arts, maybe you can ‘wax on, wax off’ whilst...
Alex Jeffreys
22 sec read