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US Soldier Throws Puppy Off a Cliff | Shocking Animal Hate Crime Video

The “war” in Iraq may already have a bad wrap, but this solider makes matters worse. This sick man clearly has...
Iman Peera
25 sec read

Funny Toilet Prank In Iraq Video | Solider From US Army Proves Iraqi Toilets Suck

Let me start off this post by saying that I fully support the troops in Iraq. Even though I may fully...
Iman Peera
30 sec read

9/11 internet documentary in the works

A new internet documentary on the 9/11 attacks is in the works which, in the style of Loose Change, suggests elements...
Chris Tew
14 sec read

Winning Hearts and Minds | The online documentary of American soldiers in Afghanistan

A new online documentary, Winning Hearts and Minds, has premiered today which tells the story of American soldiers in Afghanistan. With...
Chris Tew
42 sec read