There’s now just two weeks until Barack Obama takes over from George W. Bush as the President of the U.S.A. And personally, the day Bush leaves office cannot come soon enough.

He’s been an absolutely terrible president, taking America into wars, lurching foreign policy to the far right and ruining the country’s reputation around the world. And worse than that, he lied to get into office.

This video is cleverly edited to show all the posturing Bush did during the 2000 presidential election campaign. As you can see, he talked a good talk. The only problem was that he took a totally different line on policy when he was elected.

I know 9/11 had a big impact on what happened during Bush’s tenure as president but still, to get elected on a ticket of being humble, building relationships, and not trying to nation build in other countries and then do the complete opposite shows how all politicians will say anything to gain power.

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