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George Jones Country Musician Dies at Age 81 | “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” Music Video

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George Jones Country Musician Dies at Age 81 | “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” Music Video

George Jones, said to be the definitive country singer of the last half-century who wrote songs of heartbreak and hard drinking (Like most country singers. His voice is classier however) died today in Nashville after being admitted to the hospital on April 18th for a fever and high blood pressure. Now, what everyone fails to mention is, this man also looked a lot like an old Jim Carrey. That’s even more awesome.

I’ve never been big on country music but looking this guy up to understand why he was so famous, well, his music doesn’t seem that bad. I couldn’t listen to it for hours but once in a while, I might be of the mindset to kick back with a whiskey and chill out to some classy tunes.

I found out he was nicknamed Possum for his close-set eyes and pointed nose. Then later he’d be known as “No-Show Jones” for the concerts he missed during drinking and drug binges. Sounds like most rock, jazz and blues musicians except even they go on stage regardless of if they’re messed up or not. They majority of the time, they are.

And just like most true musicians, this man was widely respected and imitated. With all the right features to Appalachian singing such as a baritone voice with a taste of blues and real innovation, it’s no wonder he was so darn famous. R.I.P. legend. You will be missed.

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