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Get Movies from Vongo on the Xbox 360

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Get Movies from Vongo on the Xbox 360

Vongo LogoFor those of you that own an Xbox 360 you are probably aware that if you hook your Xbox 360 up to the internet, then you can connect to Xbox Live where you can play games over the internet. You are also able to purchase downloadable videos, movies and games from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

When it comes to the line-up of movies and TV shows available to download off the Xbox Live Marketplace there is a serious lack of a decent selection. But don’t despair just yet because you can also get movies from Vongo too.

Vongo offers unlimited movie downloads to your PC for $9.99 a month (USA only) and you can then easily stream these movies from your PC to your Xbox 360. Vongo make it sound pretty easy:

"The Xbox 360 will automatically check to see which Windows XP or Vista-based devices are registered on the network and ask the user whether they want to access content, such as their Vongo movies, from that PC. This is a simple and easy approach that solves past problems that required configuration and technical knowledge by the user."

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