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This is the opening monologue from the 2011 Golden Globes, in which host Ricky Gervais delivers the best lines of the night. He really wasn’t kidding when he promised not to hold anything back.

I would normally not have the slightest interest in watching the Golden Globes. Who wants to see a bunch of Hollywood whores slapped on the back by a bunch of lick-spittle hacks?

However, when Ricky Gervais is presenting the show the Golden Globes becomes a must-see television event.

Some of Gervais’ jokes are undoubtedly offensive to some people, but who cares? They’re all funny, which is the whole point. Unfortunately, it seems some Americans can’t take a joke, with many complaining over the gags. And Gervais didn’t even show for most of the second half.

Is the U.S. really that sensitive that jokes directed at millionaire actors are deemed going too far? I guess that’s why British comedy is the best in the world.

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