Got A Wigger Problem? Call Snoop Dogg Video | Wigout Is A White Parent’s Dream

37 sec read

It’s no question that “wiggers are the number one problem facing white people today.” But have no fear! In this video, Snoop Dogg shows off his W-I-G-O-U-T service.

This could save someone you love.

Caution! De-wiggerfication is a grueling process. Before calling Wigout it’s important to see if your child really is a wigger. Recognize warning signs: low-riding baggy pants, poorly executed gang signs, and intentional use of improper grammar.

Once you are positive that your child is a wigger, call Wigout. He or she will then be kidnapped and the de-wiggerfication process can begin. De-Bling-ification, Hair-Re-Caucasian-ing, and Crotch-ular Downsizing usually do the trick.

If the patient doesn’t respond then the they will be forced to watch N’Sync, The Blues Brothers, and Carson Daily. A bit excessive if you ask me, but it clearly helps. If all else fails, the old prison sentence trick has to be used.

I for one, really wish that this service was real. Lord knows we need as many wiggers out of the suburbs as possible. Thanks Snoop Dogg!


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