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I’m sure we’ve all of us had at least one experience of being outside, miles away from home, and needing to take a dump rather desperately. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just a by-product (quite literally) of our body dealing with waste products.

However, the vast majority of us, faced with that situation, do all we can to find a toilet to use before we crap our pants. But not his guy. He spots a plant pot and takes the opportunity. Hell, if soil is good enough for cats then it’s good enough for him.

This video has given some people the chance to air their inherently racist views. The mall is in America and it doesn’t appear that the guy has been in the country for long. Although even that may be an assumption too far.

However, wherever he has come from, this isn’t behavior you can ascribe to everyone from a certain country or race. The fact is that he’s a dirty git who is happy to crap in the middle of a busy shopping mall. So you can only hate on him, and him alone.

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