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Any murder or violent crime is both shocking and disgusting. And unfortunately, crimes such as these are on the increase, especially amongst the young. Even famous people aren’t immune, as the killing of Rob Knox shows.

Rob Knox may not yet be a household name but he was set to be exactly that by landing the role of Ravenclaw student, Marcus Belby, in Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. But his life was cruelly ended before his time came.

This video shows a news report from the time the killing happened, with a friend of the actor recounting what happened. This all happened in May, 2008, but a 22-year-old man has now been tried and convicted for the murder.

The convicted man is said to have lashed out with two kitchen knives at anyone close by after being involved in an earlier scuffle. Knox was stabbed five times, once fatally. He sadly died later in hospital.

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