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I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, both the books and the movies. But did this epic adventure have to end the way it did? Or was there an entirely easier and better alternative? This video suggests so.

**Spoiler Alert**

This is part of the insanely popular How It Should Have Ended series, and Harry Potter is one that a great many people have been eagerly waiting for. They waited until all the books and movies had been released though, obviously.

Essentially what happens is that Snape doesn’t die, having protected himself against Nagini the snake. So he shoots Lord Voldemort in the head and then uses the long-forgotten time turner to kill Tom Riddle before he could do any real harm. Simple!

All epics have plot-holes, and Harry Potter is no different. I love the way these guys have utilized them to basically wipe the point of the series out altogether. And then given Gandalf a cameo as well! Genius.

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