The Heart Attack Grill has been around for a while now, offering fast food packed full of fat and calories to those who don’t care about their health. And it has now moved to Las Vegas, where there are already temptations galore.

The Heart Attack Grill tells you up front that eating this food will make you put on weight and eventually kill you. It’s a controversial statement but is surely better than the resistance to tell the truth shown by other well-known establishments.

The guy in this commercial, the one-time face of the Heart Attack Grill franchise, died earlier this year aged just 29. He weighed 575 pounds and is fought to have succumbed to pneumonia.

If you want to eat the the Heart Attack Grill then go ahead. It is, after all, your free choice to do so. In the same way its up to you whether you smoke, drink, or drive fast cars. Just don’t be surprised if it affects your life expectancy.

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