Even though in this clip, Hell’s Kitchen contestant, Josh, was unable to answer Chef Ramsay’s simple question, “How long until the lamb is ready?” and he also had to hear this dreadful secret that no chef ever wants to hear, Josh lived through this episode to make it to the merge.

With a surprise twist, Rock and Josh put Brad up on the chopping block, with nemesis red kitchen chef, Bonnie. Just like de ja vu from last year with Virgina, Bonnie surprisingly made it and Brad was sent home packing. Looks like Ramsay has a soft place for her in his heart, alongside Virginia.

Now, with the men outnumbered by the women, this next show should be interesting as the two kitchen’s become one. Julia was the only chef who came out on top last week, while every one else suffered with his or her own self-doubts and lack of team spirit.

Who will come out on top next week, and who will find out that they too, can’t cook?

Hell’s Kitchen Elimination

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