Hell’s Kitchen Heats Up | Chef Ramsay Lays Down the Rules (Vid)

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As you may recall from last week’s Hell’s Kitchen post, Melissa was on the chopping block and was given a second chance by Chef Ramsay by a strategic move to the boy’s team.

Joining Rock, Brad and Josh was strategic for the girl’s team that is, in that now they have an opportunity to shine with the crazy jumped-up little cave woman, Melissa, out of the kitchen.

Surprisingly, Melissa was able to hang with the boys outside the kitchen, but inside she showed her lack of focus and talent. From screwing up the scallops to giving Brad mushy risotto, her team wasn’t able to complete the service; while on the other side, the girl’s team was actually able to complete a full-dinner service.

Well, no surprise here, Melissa was sent home without so much as a good bye, but Chef called out Brad and Josh’s poor performance and warned them to shape up or ship out.


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