“Hell’s Kitchen” | Worst Candidates in Season Three: Aaron and Vinnie

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Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen, where attitude will get your nowhere and talent will win you amazing prizes.

Meet Vinnie, an arrogant chef who talks back to Chef Ramsay when he criticizes his signature dish. Later in the night, Vinnie runs his mouth again, ruining the boys’ chance of winning the challenge.

Now meet Aaron, a retirement home chef who can’t stop crying. No one knows why he cries, but the tears keep pouring as he whines, “I’m cracking up!” Then watch as he leaves his team alone to perform the challenge as he has a nervous breakdown.

These two are perhaps the worst two candidates we’ve ever seen in Hell’s Kitchen. I’m not a cook myself, but I definitely wouldn’t talk back to Ramsay, and I sure as hell wouldn’t cry like a little girl in the kitchen!

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