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Your 2009 may be off to a rough start, but I guarantee you it isn’t as bad as Marcus Schrenker’s. Recently his wife filed for divorce, he lost a half-million-dollar judgment, his house was searched for possible security violations, and we know know that he also had another $1.4 million approaching lawsuit.

So when the finance expert/licensed pilot reported that he was having plane trouble and was headed for a crash, the authorities were quick to suspect.

After setting his plane on auto pilot and jumping out of the plane with a parachute, he approached a police officer (who found Marcus wet from the knees down) and said that he had been an a canoeing accident. The police man, unaware of the plane crash, then checked him into a local hotel.

By the time all the facts were sorted out and the police finally went to retrieve Marcus from his room, he had disappeared. According to the police, Marcus was last seen fleeing into the woods in the back of the hotel.

Something tells me the man has been watching too many movies.

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