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Hilarious British Sitcom | Black Books

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Hilarious British Sitcom | Black Books

Bernard Black is a lazy man who does not care about anyone and basically loathes everyone and everything outside his book shop. In fact, Bernard doesn’t care about much beyond smoking, drinking, and reading.

I love British sitcoms.

This video shows the first few minutes (hilarious right from the beginning) of the first episode “Cooking the Books”. In this clip, you’re introduced to all three main characters – Bernard, Manny, and Fran.

I first watched this show when I came to Australia, and I loved it from the first episode. I especially love this show because not only is it British humour, there is an absolutely huge amount of sarcasm in everything Bernard says and does – and he gets away with all of it.

This video is guaranteed to get you smiling, if not chuckling or laughing out loud.

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