Kittens are probably the cutest thing in the world. At least from my perspective as a cat lover. This one, which really doesn’t like the look of what is on the floor, is one of the cutest ever. All together now, Aaahhhh.

I have no idea what the thing this kitty is trying to attack is, but it sure is scary. Well, I wouldn’t be scared of it if it was sitting in the middle of my floor, but my own cat would at least investigate it.

I love this video because it shows how cute kittens are. But it also demonstrates how they’re born with an in-built knowledge of how to make themselves big and scary, with this turning to the side and fluffing its fur up.

The best thing though, and what makes this video such a joy to watch, is the music. It works far too well with the on-screen action, coinciding brilliantly with what we’re seeing.

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