Hilarious iPhone 6 Bending Spoof Video | Forget The iPhone 6, Meet The iBend 6!

27 sec read

As it’s been all over the news of late, I suspect you’ve heard that the iPhone 6 Plus is prone to bending. There have been several cases of the larger version of the iPhone 6 bending in people’s pockets.

As always, the Internet has been quick to react to an event this meme-worthy, and this video mocks Apple and its latest smartphone in the best way possible.

This isn’t the iPhone 6, it’s the iBend 6, and it’s super flexible. Until it snaps. Because you have fat thighs and wear tight jeans.

The fact the iPhone 6 Plus bends in the way it does is rather ironic, as flexible displays have been rumored as a forthcoming feature on smartphones for several years.

I’m not sure this is anyone quite had in mind though.


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