Damon Scott Video | Hilarious Clip of Michael Jackson Monkey Puppet on “Britain’s Got Talent”

27 sec read

The first televised round of auditions of Britain’s Got Talent exploded with Damon Scott, a man in his late twenties who makes even Simon Cowell laugh out loud.

He erupts onto stage with Bubbles, a puppet monkey. At first, we don’t know what Damon plans on doing… then the music starts.

The audience goes nuts when the music starts and Damon begins his routine. He has covered Bubbles’ head with a scarf and is making the puppet dance to the beat.

Then the scarf is thrown to the ground, and Bubbles lip synchs to Michael Jackson in such a way that everyone present laughs hysterically.

When judging time comes, all three judges give Damon an enthusiastic “yes”—he’s going on to the next round!


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