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Hollywood Now with Joanne Colan | Online TV Show from PalTalk Feat. Jimmy Jean-Louis

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Hollywood Now with Joanne Colan | Online TV Show from PalTalk Feat. Jimmy Jean-Louis

Hollywood Now LogoPaltalk is redefining internet television by allowing users to interact in live video sessions via video chat. It will be releasing several original shows throughout this month, including MusicScene, a live music show that was discussed earlier this week.

One of PalTalk’s newest shows is Hollywood Now with Joanne Colan, a weekly show featuring various guest celebrities who discuss their new projects, causes, and more. Using PalTalk you will have a chance to interact and engage with your favorite celebrities in this live show.

Joanne Colan is a knowledgeable and distinguished host, having seven years experience in hosting and creating broadcast TV. She brings her background experience and skills to Hollywood Now, helping it to be a potentially awesome broadcast.

The first episode of Hollywood Now with Joanne Colan airs September 12th at 8 pm and features Jimmy Jean-Louis. Jean-Louis is best known for his role as “The Haitian” in hit NBC show Heroes.

To take part in the live interaction, you will first need to download and register PalTalk for free.

I love the idea of being able to interact with live shows. I also love the fact that Hollywood Now with Joanne Colan is getting some of the most popular celebrities to engage with viewers on the show. I’m looking forward to catching the first episode this evening.


[Hollywood Now with Joanne Colan]

[Download & register with PalTalk for free to watch the show]

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