Horrible Yet Funny Hungarian Rapper (Video) | He’s Still Better Than Soulja Boy

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There are some pretty horrible rappers these days getting airplay. But if you thought Soulja Boy was bad, you’ll need to take a listen to Speak- Hungary’s worst rapper ever.

This is a music video for one of his singles which is quite embarrassing on numerous levels. I don’t know what’s worse; his horrible rapping, the off-key singing, or the mispronounced English.

When you think about it, “Speak” is actually quite a fitting name for what this guy seems to be doing. After about 30 seconds into the song you realize that his “style” of rapping (if you can call it that) is actually just narration in a bad English accent.

One of the things he likes to do is state the obvious, then end it with a “Come on, Ye” to make it sound cool. One of my favorite lines has to be, “We have so many places. World is big, we have place enough. That´s right. Come on. Ye.”


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