I admit it, I’m a little addicted to Chatroulette, the online video phenomenon that pairs random strangers together for Webcam.

I don’t use the service very often, but I’m obsessed with watching videos of how other people are using Chatroulette. And big business is now even getting in on the act, as can be seen by this Dr Pepper prank/viral ad.

Picture the scene: you’re a man on Chatroulette looking for a hot girl to talk to. Lo and behold, up pops a gorgeous cheerleader dancing and jiggling her boobs. You’d do anything for her, and do just that.

And then, just as the first stirrings of excitement start rising up in your groin, a switch is made, and the hot female cheerleader morphs into a skinny, cross-dressing man in very tight underpants.

This is Dr Pepper’s way of wishing everyone a Happy April Fool’s Day 2010. And it certainly made me laugh.

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