Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the United States and most of you reading this will probably be planning to spend some time with your mom on her special day. Is two minutes enough to give her pleasure? Probably not.

There’s something so wrong about this video that it stops being wrong and ends up being so right… maybe. I’m not suggesting anyone should do what this guy does – talk dirty down the phone to his mom – for real, but it’s funny nonetheless.

Assuming two minutes of phone sex isn’t what your mom has asked for on Mother’s Day, what the hell can you get her? Last minute gift ideas include flowers, chocolates, and taking her out to dinner. All of which can be organized in a jiffy.

And if all else fails? Take this guy’s advice and give your mom a call instead. What you say to her is really up to you but I’d personally avoid words like “wet”, “moist”, “hard”, and “suck”. Then again, that may just be me.

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