How do you wash your car? Do you take it through the local automated car wash? Do you take it to a valeting service which hand washes the outside of the car and cleans inside? Or do you make the effort yourself, manually washing it every Sunday?

This guy chose none of the above, instead deciding that he’d rather let a maniac in a huge digger drop a ton of water on to the car. Rather unsurprisingly, things don’t turn out well. I think this is what you call an epic fail.

The water in the bucket may well have cleaned the car as it drops on top of it, but unfortunately it also demolishes the roof and destroys the car at the same time. So we end with one very clean but written-off automobile.

What can you say to that really? It’s probably not worth me advising you to not try this at home because who would? And even if they wanted to, very few of us has access to a digger that big.

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