I’ll admit I’m not a great traveler. While some people seem able to relax on a journey and enjoy the views and even the motion of the vehicle they’re in, I just want to get to me destination in one piece and have a nice cup of tea.

However, I have to travel sometimes. We all do. And not being a driver means usually getting the train. I’ve spent many hours complaining about train travel in the U.K. – overcrowded, under-serviced, and very expensive – but maybe I should be more grateful.

This YouTube video shows what train travel is like in China. Not enough room for anymore in that carriage? Nonsense, the guards will keep shoving until every square inch of space is filled by the body part of one of these poor souls.

I don’t understand why the guards just don’t make some people wait until the next train comes along. Surely they can’t be that few and far between that it’s a better option to pack people in like sardines.

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