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How to kiss a woman properly is one of the key lessons in life. That’s because women are fussy creatures who want the perfect man and the perfect lover. Too sloppy and you’re out. So why not learn a surefire technique from the master – Captain Kirk from Star Trek.

If you’ve already watched the video then you’ll know what Captain Kirk’s masterful technique for kissing a woman is – a firm grip of the shoulders so she can’t escape and then a dominant but gentle kiss on the lips.

And not forgetting that final flourish guaranteed to leave the woman wanting more – a punch on the chin. Seriously, if you haven’t watched right to the end then do so now.

Obviously domestic violence is an abhorrent crime, both men hitting women and the other way around. But I’m guessing Captain Kirk had a justification for his actions. I don’t know, the woman is an alien who has a penchant for eating livers or something.

The brilliant thing is, even knowing he had to knock her out, he still got his end away first. The sneaky beggar.

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