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Kombucha tea is a drink brewed from a bacteria. It sounds disgusting but isn’t meant to taste too bad. And it supposedly has health benefits galore, being one of those cure-alls that turns up from time to time. Only to fall out of favor after a short while.

This video shows you how to make your own kombucha tea, which seems to be the new craze amongst the rich and famous who like to try the latest shortcut to a supposedly healthy and beautiful body.

I’m not saying you should go ahead and start brewing your own kombucha tea. Very little is known about its properties and whether its healthful or harmful to you. Some will tell you it must be good because it’s natural, but they’re only assuming so.

If you want to try kombucha tea then buy it ready-made to start with and see how you and your body react to it. Everyone is different and it’s rare for something to be good for everyone who ever tries it.

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