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Huntsman Spider Video | Deadly Or Dumb?

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Huntsman Spider Video | Deadly Or Dumb?

Actually, it’s probably neither but that made a good title so I went with it anywhere. With the news that the largest known huntsman spider in the world has been found in the Mekong region, it might be a good idea to educate yourself about the species.

Huntsman spiders are usually found in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, Florida, and Hawaii but few have a leg span of 30 centimeters which is what the Mekong variety boasts.

As this video shows, the Huntsman is the victim of bad press because while the species of spider does kill and injure many people each year, it doesn’t happen due to bites because the venom isn’t strong enough to incapacitate or kill.

What happens instead is that people injure themselves when they see the impressive spiders, by either running from the toilet or crashing their car. Still, I’d rather not face one, even if it isn’t deadly, especially the newly discovered world’s largest Huntsman spider.

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