IDUMP4U Phonecall Video | Web Site Will Dump Your Partner For You For A Small Fee

34 sec read

This video shows the moment that Michael dumps Alyssa by phone. Which is similar to what happens every day I’m sure. However, the difference here is that Michael employed iDUMP4U to to the dumping for him. The lowlife.

At first I thought this was a joke but no, it’s serious, and real, and actually exists.

IDUMP4U is a new Web site which charges a small fee to save you the hassle of dumping your partner. Instead, they will do it for you, by telephone, and record the call. It could then appear on their YouTube channel exactly as this one did.

It’s a brilliant idea for a business and I wish I’d thought of it first. Sure, the people who use the service are sniveling weeds with no compassion for their soon to be ex, but that’s not any reflection on the people who run the site.

Micheal, you should be ashamed of yourself. Bradley, good on you, keep on dumping.


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