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Don Imus is one of the most controversial radio hosts in America. Despite, or maybe because of, this he doesn’t seem to have any trouble getting his own show and getting paid handsomely for doing what he does.

The shock jock was fired by CBS and MSNBC a couple of years ago for calling Rutgers University women’s basketball team, “nappy-headed hoes” and “jiggaboos.” So he seems a perfect fit for FOX.

Strangely, Imus has been given a job on the FOX Business Network, despite him not knowing anything about business. This video shows him talking to Neil Cavuto about the show he has planned.

Imus discusses Dave Letterman in light of the extortion plot (he isn’t a fan), and Glenn Beck, who Imus likes but thinks is a nut. So, still being outspoken and controversial then. I get the feeling no lesson has been learned here.

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