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Indian Fast Food Video | Flying Parathas!

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Indian Fast Food Video | Flying Parathas!

While most of us in need of some greasy, artery-clogging fast food head for McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, or any of the other big names, things are slightly different in India.

As you can see from this video, fast food in India can also mean flying food, with this chef able to make parathas very quickly before dispatching them to the other side of the kitchen in a rather novel fashion.

Parathas are Indian flat-breads made from dough containing flour and ghee (clarified butter). Parathas are usually filled with one of a number of different fillings, including vegetables and paneer (Asian cheese).

I’m not sure whether this fast food stall throws the parathas for any reason other than novelty factor to draw in the crowds. Or it could be just basic bad kitchen design. Either way, it seems to work and is pretty damn awesome.

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