Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Interesting People, Music Videos, News and Video On Demand by Dave Parrack on January 7, 2013

This video is a tribute to Freddy E, the YouTube celebrity (from Jerk TV) and aspiring rapper. It comprises a short poem and a eulogy from fellow YouTuber Jay Taj.

Freddy E offed himself with a rifle shot to the head, and tweeted immediately prior to committing the act. He used the social networking site to say goodbye to his nearest and dearest before pulling the trigger.

The suggestion is Freddy E killed himself over a failed relationship, but there’s likely to be more to it than that. Its rarely just a single event that makes people commit suicide, with a set of circumstances or general mood more to blame.

It’s always sad when someone so young dies, and particularly sad when they decide life isn’t worth living any more. Rest In Peace.

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