Instagram’s Rich List Includes Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo and More

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Hopper HQ has compiled the world’s first Instagram rich list that sheds light on how much celebrities are making on their Instagram posts. The list of top earners includes all of the Kardashian sisters, with Kim making $500,000 per post.

Kylie Jenner earns $400,000 per post, and tied with Cristiano Ronaldo. Kendall earns $370,000 per post, while Khloe and Kourtney both earn $250,000 per post. But these mega celebrities were all trumped by Selena Gomez, the queen of Instagram.

Gomez earns an estimated $550,000 per post, topping all celebrities on the list.

Lebron James was the only other major sports star to make the top 10, earning $120,000 per post, tied with Gigi Hadid. Cara Delavigne earns $150,000 per post.

The site also compiled an influencer list that includes high-profile bloggers and influencers who earn up to $18,000 a post. The top earner on the list was Huda Kattan, who earns $18,000 a post with 20.5 million followers.

The list also includes Cameron Dallas, Jen Selter and Zoella, who earn $17,000, $15,000 and $14,000 a post respectively. The list also includes Chiara Ferrangi, Julie Sarinara and Aimee Song, all of whom earn over $9,000 per post that they make.

Instagram is deemed an effective marketing tool that helps accelerate and promote brands. The site has 700 million active monthly users across the world.

Top-paying posts are often brand endorsements. Instagram’s “paid partnership” label has been introduced to help followers know when their favorite celebrities or influencers are being paid for the posts that they make.

The rankings show a direct correlation of the number of followers and the amount of money a celebrity or influencer can demand for their paid posts. Gomez has over 122 million followers, while Kim Kardashian has 100 million followers.

Lebron James, the celebrity ranking number 10 on the list, has 30.7 million followers by comparison.

Kardashian has 100 million followers, 4 million less than Ronaldo, but she earns $100,000 more per post, showing that her audience is more engaged and likely responds to her recommendations more.


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