Instant Beer Freeze Trick Video | How To Enjoy An Ice Cold Beer In Seconds

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How cool is that? I like a nice cold beer from time time, but I’ve never had one this cold before!

There’s been all sorts of theories as to how this trick is done, ranging from gel in the bottle, to the work top being ice cold but none of them are right, and I have the explanation here for you.

The above video makes it look as though these guys have just casually discovered a magic ability to make beer freeze whereas actually they must have prepared before hand.

How it works is that you place a bottle of beer in the freezer for a few hours, being very careful not to let it freeze and risking it blowing up in your face.

The liquid inside the bottle then super cools but stays liquified. When you then take it out and bang it on a hard surface, it disturbs the molecules and causes an ice crystal to form inside the bottle

This starts off a chain reaction where one part of the liquid freezes, and any liquid surrounding it follows suit.

It’s a pretty cool trick to show off at parties, and now you can say you’ve learnt something new at Web TV Hub… who would have thought?!


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