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I’m starting to think fast food restaurants aren’t the best places for shy wallflowers such as myself to hang out. We’ve already seen how one woman went mad when her food wasn’t up to scratch, and now this!

I don’t know what went down before this happened. But I suspect it’s a late night fast food fest somewhere in the U.K. And young men and lots of drink don’t mix very well.

The guy in the pink shirt is obviously angry at something or someone. So he throws his drink at the door where it spill on to the floor. And then precedes to pick up a chair and try to do the same thing with that.

Unfortunately for him, fate intervenes, and he slips on his own thrown drink and ends up on his arse, chair in hand. At which point he backs away from whatever confrontation he was looking for, names being shouted at him as he goes.

Instant karma: you’ve got to love it.

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