Intriguing Japanese People Trying Marmite Video | You Either Love It Or You Hate It!

25 sec read

This video shows a British guy living in Japan getting his Japanese friends to try Marmite, a yeasty spread popular in the UK.

It’s fair to say they’re not fans, and many can’t even bring themselves to finish the slice of bread he has spread it on. It’s meaty, it’s salty, what’s not to love?!

This sums up how different cultures have become accustomed to different diets. As while millions of Brits will happily eat Marmite every day of the week, most Japanese people can’t stomach it.

Which is, on the face of it, rather odd, as the Japanese are known for eating some rather peculiar and (to Western palettes at least) stomach-turning foodstuffs.

Let’s embrace these differences.


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