James May is best known for his role as one of the presenters of Top Gear. But as well as being a car freak, he’s also a massive geek. Which has seen him present various science-based television shows.

His most recent documentary was called James May at the Edge of Space and shows May taking a flight in an American U2 spy plane. You can see his flight to the edge of space in the video embedded above.

May and his pilot climbed to over 60,000 feet or 13 miles above the surface of Earth. This literally took them to the edge of space and made them the highest people at that moment in time apart from the astronauts on board the International Space Station.

50 years ago May would now be considered a spaceman but thanks to technology that altitude is now doable in a plane. It looks like an amazing experience which I’m sure many of us would love to take part in.

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