This video of Janet Jackson’s breast being exposed by Justin Timberlake is a little outdated I know, but for some reason, it’s back in the new again. Nipplegate rumbles on, five years after it happened.

The nipple slip happened during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII. Justin Timberlake reached over and pulled one side of Jackson’s bra right off, exposing her right breast complete with nipple clamp.

When this first happened, I couldn’t actually see what all the fuss was about. Sure, it was meant to happen, with the appeals of innocence from Jackson and Timberlake afterwards a complete joke. But it’s only a nipple. Is it really that bad?

There was me thinking Americans were mature, well-rounded individuals. But the debate which Janet’s wardrobe malfunction sparked left me wondering whether everyone had lost their marbles.

What’s strange is that us Brits are regarded as the uptight ones, especially by Americans. But if this had happened in the UK, we’d have all laughed about it and then moved on in a matter of days.

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