Um, Hello! Reality TV show junkie right here! There are few that I would proudly admit my addiction to watching trashy reality shows like Beauty and The Geek, but there is something about Ashton Kutcher’s “social experiment” that keeps me coming back.

This team, despite their constant bickering and mutual hate for each other, have somehow managed to worm their way into the final four contestants. This scene here, where they are brainstorming super heroes, is the start of many fights, pretty severing ones, to come down the road.

I can empathize with poor Will. I mean, come on, her idea of a super hero fighting her nemesis with her boobs sounds more like a porno than a new Marvel comic super hero.

But he is also shut off to listen to her ideas, as her purely sees her as a stereotypical “pretty girl.” Should make for an interesting episode next week, as the pressure heats up and their tempers continue to flare.

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