Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson is in trouble for supposedly suggesting the public service strikers be executed; taken out and shot in front of their families. But as usual the British tabloids have taken something out of context and blown it up into a national outrage.

If anyone is at fault here it’s whoever booked Clarkson to appear on The One Show, which is as vanilla and as conservative as you can get. This is a show fronted by moronic airheads Matt Baker and Alex Jones, after all.

Did they not know what Jeremy Clarkson is known for? That his act is to be the old curmudgeon who hates everything which doesn’t conform to his own twisted view of the world? Clearly not.

Clarkson was not only joking about the strikers but making a satirical point about how the BBC has to be balanced and fair to all sides at all times. The man should be lauded as a comedic genius rather than thrown under the train with the suicide victims he also joked about on the programme.

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