Jeremy Clarkson recently attended the Mallorca Classic Car Rally in Mallorca (funnily enough). As with all these events, portable toilets had been set up to enable everyone to relieve themselves. Clarkson ended up having to also release himself.

As you can see on the video, onlookers who saw Clarkson enter the toilet decided to have some fun and trap him in there. They piled some tires in front of the door and then stood back to watch the Top Gear presenter fight his way out of the loo.

Clarkson eventually manages to bash his way out from the inside, but not before everyone present got to have a good laugh at the curmudgeonly car journalist. Not the most inventive of pranks, admittedly, but fun nonetheless.

Clarkson doesn’t look happy when he finally makes his escape. He acknowledges the prank but then swiftly walks off out of sight with a look on his face that could kill. I bet he took it out on Richard Hammond later.

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