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Jewellery TV | The jewellery shopping channel


Jewellery TV | The jewellery shopping channel

jewellery-television.gifJewellery TV is an online shopping channel completely devoted to jewellery. Jewellery TV’s mission is to open the world of fine jewelry and gemstones to everyone.

Whether you are interested in Silver Jewellery, gemstones, silver ankle chains, body jewellery, or even toe rings Jewellery TV has something to offer. Jewellery TV appears to be pretty popular boasting that it shipped 5.5 million packages to our customers last year.

I’m personally not a fan of shopping channels since I believe better deals can be found elsewhere, like on eBay!. That said some people swear they can find some great deals on shopping channels like Jewellery TV.

Jewellery TV does feature a regular online TV store as well as the auctions that appear on its TV channel. You should be able to find some bargains within the Jewellery TV clearance section.

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  1. Online Shopping

    June 29, 2007 at 6:04 pm

    I’ve never trusted those on tv shopping networks, but then again, since you brought it up, I would rather buy from a television station than buy off of eBay. I have been ripped off twice on eBay…thankfully not for something as expensive as jewelry. The only way I buy on eBay anymore is if the seller is verified as a bonafide business. Do you have any tips about how to buy safely from television and from the internet? The two seem to be coinciding lately and jewelry is one thing I never want to ripped off on. I’m always so worried when i buy jewelry that I always end up in a jewelry store paying waaaay too much for it…but at least I have some peace of mind that what I’m taking home and wearing around is in fact, a diamond. Are there any other jewelry channels out there that you might recommend as safe and inexpensive?

  2. dee

    March 19, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    i was given a pendant which my children had bought from tjc, im delighted with it. but…. the pendant actually dropped off the chain, as the link is a multi purpose style, also one of the stone hold crowns, alloed the tanzanite to drop out of setting. when took closer inspection, was found to be inadequate for that style of setting. im uset and so are my children.

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