Had he not been shot dead by Mark Chapman in New York on Dec. 8, 1980, John Lennon would today have been celebrating his 70th birthday. He may be gone but he’ll never be forgotten.

John Lennon packed a lot into his 40 years on Earth. He formed a skiffle band called The Quarrymen at the age of 16, which then morphed into The Beatles after he met Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

Working with McCartney, Lennon wrote and sang some of the best songs of all time; songs which resonated at the time, and still resonate to this day.

His life came to a premature end when he was shot dead by crazed fan Mark Chapman. But Lennon will live on in the hearts and minds of the millions of people who have come to love his work since he died.

Happy 70th Birthday, John. Wherever you may be.

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