Three time academy award winning actor, with his movies selling with profits well over 7 billion, I’m not sure anybody knew this but…Johnny Depp is quite the strange and remarkable fellow! Who knew he wanted to be a famous musician and not an actor? “That’s crazy isn’t it!”

“The sudden realization of rent and bills…ya know when that pops into your head and you realize you’re going to have to deal with the inevitable…” Yes Johnny, I understand your sentiments all too well, however lucky you for having ol’ Nicholas Cage as your buddy! Unless of course, that was just a joke…but who can tell with that enigmatic brain and his crazy stories.

So he has a new movie coming out July 13 called “The Lone Ranger,” where he’ll be playing a Native American right hand man recounting some untold tales (ah, yes, more stories!) about a ranger who is a legend of justice. Now I don’t know much about the other actor (like we’re going for the other guy) but by the account he gives, it’s probably going to be hilarious…even if it’s not meant to be.

It’s like pirates! Only better because westerns are made to be classic romanticized action. And who better for the job than a classically romanticized actor? No one, I say. And definitely not Taylor Lautner.

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