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As a genre hip hop has grown massively over the years, and there are some fine rappers with talent and something to say. Then there are others who just swear a lot and think that will see them through.

In his latest spoof music video, Jon Lajoie mocks this school of rappers mercilessly. They purport to hate everything, but he actually does. Fuck Everything sees Lajoie directing that comment at all and sundry.

I knew there’d be some sort of twist at the end. You can’t have a guy rapping about hating everything for a full three minutes and then just end the song. It turns out Lajoie, or at least his hip hop alter ego, does give a fuck. About everything.

Lajoie came to prominence with Show Me Your Genitals three years ago. That video has now racked up an impressive 45 million views. Could Fuck Everything outdo even that?

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