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Jon Stewart Reacts to Hilary Clinton’s “Tears” | A Meltdown Or Media Hype?

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Jon Stewart Reacts to Hilary Clinton’s “Tears” | A Meltdown Or Media Hype?

Ok, probably like most of you I heard all over the TV and the internet about Hilary’s supposed meltdown, or crying session, after losing the primary in Iowa. Many were saying that because of those sad tears that she was able to take New Hampshire.

But I have to agree with Jon Stewart here, are you FREAKIN’ kidding me?!! Really? That is what we call a meltdown and crying on national TV? Someone paid the media a lot of money to hype this one way out of context in order to make the only female candidate have a stain on her record.

Which, of course, doesn’t surprise me! The first woman to run for President of the United States is inevitably going to have a rough road to victory, but come on, you can’t be serious!

I wasn’t sure who I wanted to win in the beginning, but I definitely don’t want to see her fail because the media got the story wrong, once again! Thankfully we have people like Jon Stewart who aren’t bribed by money and really tell us like it is.

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  1. rod wilcox

    January 15, 2008 at 11:21 pm

    hillarys first atempt at sympathy was to play victim previous to this grief incident, she stumbled with it, drew criticizm. bill must have corrected her, if you want to get sympathy you have feel down, pushing a persons help button it pays pure gold. sympathy comes from two words – same path , if a person is feeling down and you give them sympathy you are helping them down that path, its unethical , but theyve gone into agreement with you , then if you have a good potion salesman valence like bill has used on the public for the past 10+ years , you use a few other tricks-hirsine a lustfull goat!!

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