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Justin Bieber may be about to become a dad. Possibly. A 20-year-old woman called Mariah Yeater claims Bieber is the father to her son after they shared a brief encounter backstage at one of his shows.

Do I believe that Bieber is the father of this girl’s kid? No, of course not. It all seems a little unlikely to me. But then stranger things have happened. She must believe it though, or she’s an incredible attention seeker.

Even if Yeater is lying there is no excuse for the death threats being aimed her way by other fans of the pint-sized pop tartlet. Would you really want someone dead for making up a story about a celebrity?

It’ll be interesting to watch how this story develops. Bieber plans to ignore the allegations but that may not be possible if she pushes it to court. We could then get the spectacle of him having to take a DNA test. Which would be fun.

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