Justin Bieber is up for a Brit award; ‘Best International Breakthrough’ to be precise. And he’s very happy to lose all credibility he never had in order to beg for votes on YouTube.

Please, don’t vote for Justin Bieber, he doesn’t deserve it. Bieber is a talentless spawn of Beelzebub who looks like an overdeveloped fetus. He’s also got a massive head, and voting for him to win this award will only make it grow larger.

Bieber is up against Bruno Mars, The Temper Trap, The National, and the Cast of Glee. All of which have more talent in their left testicle than Bieber has in his entire body. Which funnily enough resembles the aforementioned.

Am I jealous of Bieber? I’d certainly like his money and the opportunities with girls (or boys) he has now and will in the future. But the main reason for my disdain is his complete lack of talent.

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