This video is especially for those amongst you who hate Justin Bieber. And there are a lot of us around. Yes, it’s probably jealousy, but so what. Don’t judge us for being envious pricks, we can’t help it.

I can understand the desire to throw eggs at Justin Bieber. Hell, I’d probably be tempted to do so myself if he walked past me in the street and I just happened to have some in my hand.

What I don’t understand, however, is why people who have gone to see him in concert are throwing eggs. Surely they paid for the privilege (?!?) of seeing Bieber perform, even though they hate him? That’s just bizarre.

Still, it made me smile this morning, and that’s a rare occurrence these days. Seeing Bieber pelted with eggs is like having all my birthdays come at once. I just hope they were rotten and stinky. The eggs, not my birthdays.

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